“I play the “NS Design CR5 Radius Fretless Satin” bass. As an instrument maker and as a musician I chose the ” CR5 Radius ” because of its super construction and versatility. I enjoy playing different types of music such as jazz, Turkish folk and modern styles. I am thrilled to hear the different kinds of sounds from the “NS Design Piezo System” and the “EMG Pickup System” on my bass”.

Selim Gürcan


By Rıdvan Boztepe

NS Design / CR5 Radius Fretless Satin Bass
Boss / Loop Station RC-300
Strymon / Timeline
Digitech / Bass Synth Wah
Apple / MacBook Pro “13
Electro Harmonix / Freeze
TC Electronic / Poly Tune 2 Mini
Korg / Microkorg XL Synthesizer


My Double Bass
David Gage / The Realist Double Bass Pick Up
M-Audio BX5 Studio Monitors
Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404 HD Sound Board
Fender Acoustic Guitar


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